October 20th Meeting

Dear Centennial Committee Members,

At our next meeting on October 20th, we will begin to fill in the timeline leading up to and including Oakland Tech’s Centennial Year. Creasie Jordan will do a short presentation on planning and explain the timeline process.

But before then, we need you to do a little homework because we need to start making plans and moving forward.

First, we need to decide what our priorities are for the whole celebration – in other words, what would we say our overall “mission statement” is? At our first meeting we came up with a list of what we agreed we’d like to see included in the celebration (attached below) but which is the most important? Once we decide it will help us to focus on our priorities. It will help us decide what each event or activity or communication should include. It will help us to judge if we are being successful as we move forward. Come prepared to make this decision.

Second, if you are part of an alumni group or know someone who is, we need to know if there are any alumni events already on the calendar or that will be coming up during this process. For example, the Alumni Classes of 1965, 1990, and 2005 will be celebrating their 50th, 25th and 10th anniversaries in 2015 too. What if any plans would those classes be making? In general are there regular alumni gatherings that happen? Please send the information to us ASAP so that we can get it up on the timeline before the 20th or be prepared to bring the information with you that day.

Third, we need folks to volunteer to lead our committees –  folks who can make the commitment through June 2015 and really through August 2015 since there will be follow-up work for almost every committee even if it is just press follow-up or thank you notes or database clean-up. The planning cannot begin in earnest until we have identified the leadership for each committee.

Fourth, by the end of this next meeting we will need to have sketched out a rough draft of our schedule. That means we will need to decide what the key events will be for 2015, when they will occur and who will be involved. Then it will be up to the committees to create their own timelines that we will wrap into the “Big Picture”.

Please email any calendar items to Stacey at staceyksmith@comcast.net or to Creasie at biodum@aol.com.


See you on the 20th. Go Bulldogs!

Creasie Jordan and Stacey Smith

Timeline Committee Co-Chairs