The group agreed the Centennial should not detract from the class of 2014’s graduation and that the alumni torch should be passed to those students.

The group agreed that current Tech students can and should play a major role in the event.

The group agreed that students, faculty and staff past and present are all part of the Centennial outreach.

The group agreed this is a BIG DEAL and will commit to put the city on notice to avoid scheduling major events which might conflict.

The group agreed there will be multiple events over the course of the year culminating in a Gala of some sort.

The group agreed that music and fashions over all the decades should be incorporated into the Centennial events.

The group agreed to look into creating an endowment fund with the proper legal advising possibly in the form of a foundation.  The group agreed there is a need for a PR committee for publicity, a secretarial committee to locate and communicate with participants.

The group agreed to form a subcommittee which will bring back a milestone timeline for the next 2 years to the July 21st meeting for review by the full group (Creasy, Marian, Marty, Stacy and Sheilagh) The group agreed form two yahoo groups – one for the planning committee and another for all to keep them up to date on what’s happening.

The group understands all funding will need to be raised and will look into locating foundations as well as other donors.

The group agreed they would like to create video documentation to capture the stories of Bulldogs through the years and to energize and reconnect people for the event.