Open Letter to Oakland Tech Alumni

In June 2012, representatives of the Oakland Tech PTSA (parent-teacher-student-association) , alumni, and school faculty met in preparation for the school’s 100th anniversary in September 2014.  The previous milestone for the 75th anniversary was met with a speech and limited acknowledgment.  This group wanted to make this event much more significant.  This group has created a comprehensive business and action plan to take us through the Centennial.

Goals of this group include:

  • Bring North Oakland, Oakland Tech Students/Supporters, and Oakland Tech Alumni from 1915-2015 together to remember, to network, to improve Oakland Tech.
  • To have a series of events highlighting this special place: Kickoff events with an August 2014 picnic, a street fair at Tech with the community; several Student oriented events throughout the year, and May 2015 Alumni celebrations to include: Alumni Mixer, Alumni Picnic, Alumni Gala….possibly new time capsule, Golf Tournament and Winery Party.
  • To create a network of 5,000 active members. To identify in a directory Tech Alumni, with the purpose of establishing communication to support future projects and learn how to support various alumni businesses and organizations.
  • RAISING $1,000,000 to improve TECH: school repainting/touch up; Oakland Tech Nonprofit Endowment, Oakland Tech capital campaigns, library improvements, resources to help students become college ready.
  • Improving the area around the school; enabling TECH to expand its community reach, and allowing the opportunity to incubate business opportunities in the area.
  • To have fun

This Saturday, as with each 3rd Saturday, September 21 (11am-1pm), we are calling on you to come to the General Membership meeting at the Oakland Tech Library.  The group and special committees will catch up after the summer; just one year before the start of the 100th school year to develop the program.

We need?

1. Committed people–we need you to run the committees; at least come and be members.

2. Talent, Treasure, Time, and Tutelage. If you have a particular business skill or occupation, we need it. If you donate money; WE NEED IT. If everyone gives $100 to the Centennial, we will raise $500k!!!!! If you don’t have the money, we need you to help us find it: grants, foundations, sponsors. If you have the time, you can help with so much. If you have the ability to train someone else, it is a blessing that we can use.

3. FIND OTHER TECH people to get involved with the Centennial.

Please feel free to contact me at any time.

Harold Lowe, Steering Committee Chair