Juanita Clark Ramalho ’69

Juanita Clark Ramalho, Class of 1969

Oakland Tech has never been far from my heart. The many classmates and friends I had during my attendance, remain the very best in my life!! I was from a military family so I always knew that we would be moving. This time, when I entered Oakland Tech in my sophomore year, I felt rooted and loved by so many. Friends!! I begged my father in my junior year (1968) to please let me graduate from here and not take me away! He did that exactly, the summer of 1968. My heart was broken because for the first time in my life, I BELONGED. All of you still remain in my heart and some of my fondest memories…including the boy that threw a film reel at me in Mr. Stephens’ biology class! Although, I have lost touch with my two best friends, Virginia and Gwen, I have never stopped thinking that someday we shall all meet again!

I was blessed to have attended the OTHS 40th Class Reunion in 2009 and have reunited with many of my classmates through Facebook. Oakland Tech will forever remain in a special place in my heart.

Juanita – Class of 1969