Centennial Merchandise

Want to show your Oakland Tech pride with Centennial Swag?

Buy Your Centennial Merchandize at these upcoming events:

  • Book Launch! Saturday October 18th, 2-4:00 in the library.
  • Homecoming Rally! Friday October 31st, after school.
  • Centennial Faire! Saturday November 1st, 11-5:00 on the lawn.
  • PTSA pre-holiday sale, November 10th in the library 6:30-7:00, before the PTSA general meeting.
  • Centennial Talent Show, Sunday, February 8th, 2-4 in the OT Auditorium.
  • Centennial GALA! Sat., May 23rd.
Proceeds will go to career support and tutoring at Oakland Tech.