Bernice Morse ’17

Bernice Morse

Bernice Morse attended Durant Grammar School before coming to Tech. Her mother, Laura Lincoln Muir Morse, was the niece of John Muir, the famous naturalist. Laura was married to Elbert Morse, whose brother was partner in a medical practice in Oakland with former Governor Pardee. The Pardee residence is now part of Preservation Park on Lake Merritt.

Bernice often described her years at Tech as the “happiest years” of her life. After graduation, she worked in the office at Tech and later for the Berkeley School District. In 1923, she married J. Peyton Kane, who became the National Advertising Manager for Safeway Stores in the 1940s. Later they ran a printing and advertising plant in Berkeley with their two sons.

Bernice was an honored guest at the Landmark Dedication of Oakland Tech on October 4, 1986. She was named “Sweetheart of the Class of 1987” at the ceremony. Bernice died shortly afterwards at the age of 88. Her diploma, report cards, and this information were sent to Tech in 1990 by her sons J. Peyton Kane Jr. and Weston Muir Kane.

Grades were on a scale of 1-5 as follows:
1: excellent
2: “recommentatory”
3: satisfactory
4: failure
This graduate, Beatrice Morse, earned a diploma in Stenography, so her transcript reflects this concentration as well as the required academic subjects and electives.
The academic subjects include: English, algebra, Greek and Roman history, Latin, geometry, French, Spanish (Beatrice seems to have taken a different language each year!), botany, US history.
Business subjects include: stenography, typing, office practices, bookkeeping.
Electives include: sewing and choral.
Gym then, as now, seems to be required.