Della Lundberg ’18

Della Lundberg on the right, behind the school

Della Lundberg was born in 1903 in Oakland, the only child of Hugo Lundberg and May Lundberg. When Della was a student at Tech, her father’s occupation was listed in the census as “timekeeper” for a “fishing company.” Judging from her yearbook page, Della was active in high school participating in the Piano Club, a choral concert, something called the “May Festival,” and a fashion show. She was a member of the Honor Society all four years.

After graduating in 1919, Della entered a mercantile apprenticeship program at a store in Oakland where she earned, in 1921, $12/week. At the time of her marriage at age 24, she was not working. She married Raymond William Baker, who was working as an electrical engineer. (This information came from census records and from a scrapbook which Della kept of her high school years that someone found at a yard sale and donated to Tech.)