Eila Cafasso Fitzmaurice ’34

Elia Cafasso, Class of 1934

Eila Cafasso was raised in the Temescal District by Italian immigrant parents. At Tech, she was active in a number of clubs, most notably the craft club and the girls’ electricity club. After graduating in 1934 and attending secretarial school, she worked for many years as office manager and dispatcher for J. H. Fitzmaurice, Inc. At Fitzmaurice, she met John H. Fitzmaurice, Jr. and they married in 1945. The following year, they moved to the San Ramon Valley where they lived for 56 years. She retired in 1954 to devote time to her two children and became a leader in the Contra Costa County Camp Fire Girls in the 1960s and 1970s. A lifelong devotee of crafts, she painted and sewed throughout her life.