Lorainne (Cantele) Alberte ’47

Lorraine Cantele Alberti, Class of 1947
I grew up a block and a half from Tech and at Christmas time, many of our neighborhood kids would get roller skates from Santa and we all would go skating at the plaza in front of Tech. I attended Tech from Feb 1944 to Jan 1947. My memories of Tech are good ones even though the war was on and many of our former students were in the service. I received a great education and had many good teachers who gave their all to educate us. We had many clubs to join. Too numerous to mention. We were allowed to eat our lunch on the lawn but the privilege was taken away if any paper or garbage was left. We had dances in the girls’ gym, which was located on the 42nd street side of Tech. Our sports teams were very good sometimes and other times not so good. We had many of our students go into professional sports. Two of them are Ricky Henderson and John Brody. Of course, we can’t forget Clint Eastwood.

We had Chris’ hamburger place on Broadway across from Tech. And who could forget the “Bulldog” on 45th St. where all of the “Block T” boys would hang out. I had a favorite P.E. teacher who once in a while would send me over to the Bulldog for some food. Boy, did that make my day. The “Block T” boys would also walk the area around Tech looking for kids who were smoking and if caught they would get detention. Our graduations were held in the auditorium which I understand now is a study room. Although at one time, June graduations were held in the front plaza, on Broadway.

I am so happy to see Tech make a big “comeback” and when I pass it and see the students eating their lunch on the lawn, it brings back so many memories of my time at Oakland Technical High School.