Shirley Muzio Riggio ’55

Shirley Muzio Riggio, Class of 1955
Shirley Muzio Riggio lived in the North Oakland area, as did most of the students at Tech, following in her mother’s footsteps (who also attended Tech). She found the atmosphere friendly but there were cliques like anywhere else, mostly consisting of the wealthier kids. She participated in the glee club and the choir. She remembers fondly her biology teacher, Mr. Cuttita, because he made biology fun. She also remembers Mr. Lucas, who worked at the school, as a friendly man. After attending college for one year, she left to work for Pacific Bell. Riggio remains in contact with at least twelve or more of her former classmates who are her best friends. At Tech, she learned “to be tolerant of all people; some you like and some you don’t but give them a chance.”