Brian Shinoda ’62

Brian Shinoda, Class of 1962

There were some tremendous. instructors at Tech, who had a positive impact upon me. Eloise Keller was a fantastic English instructor, who really influenced my writing, speaking, and listening skills. Peter Cuttitta was a fantastic biology instructor, who really had us all participating, doing independent research, and lead me to major in biology and minor in chemistry. And Mr. Daniel Rosen, a great US History and Political Science instructor, who really brought US history to life and kept me involved.

In my years, when Tech was an open campus, there was something called the “Bulldog Café” across 45th Street from the campus, which was a popular hang-out for students. A highlight of my time at Tech was an assembly entitled “Faculty Scandals.” This was a production by the Tech faculty showcasing their skills as singers, dramatic readers, and actors in a variety of skits. It was very entertaining, revealed a different side of the faculty, and provided us with some great entertainment that I remember to this day.

These were tremendous years.