Bill DuBois ’60

Bill Du Bois, Class of 1960

One of my fondest memories of student life at Tech besides the general feelings of congeniality amongst students, the dirt practice fields for football, great basketball (one year), swimming (three high school all Americans) , track teams, and marvelous drama presentations (Our Town and Porky and Bess), was that Laney Trade was then located at Tech. We had machine shop, auto shop and Aircraft Mechanics.

The later featured an actual air plane engine which the shop used to fire up, on occasion, during noon recess, and would thereby literally shake the entire campus with roaring vibrations. Have never heard of another High School that experienced that! My other fond memory is of doing the “Electric Slide” at junior and senior proms. None of my children, nor grandchildren, are likely ever to experience the “electric slide.” Their loss. Electric Slide was two lines of couples facing each other. The couple at the head of the line danced (the electric slide, a lot of sliding of feet and a little improvisation) down between the two lines to the end and took their respective places. And in this manner the lines rotated from top to bottom to top… then slid back to the bottom.