Cecil Childress ’60

Cecil Childress, Class of 1960

I liked going to Tech in the late fifties, but I didn’t really didn’t appreciate the experience until many years later. Tech was a wonderful learning experience, because not only was there an outstanding faculty, but there was an exceptional mixture of students from different races and cultures. I believe we all learned a lot about living with one another.

These two episodes happened during my senior year at Tech:

Mrs. Burns, the typing teacher, was so nearsighted that Dennis Lamberti climbed out the window during class and she never noticed.

In Dr. Costy’s English class a student named Bill Hausler was unhappy with the teacher’s opinion, so he snapped his fingers while demanding, “Costy!…Costy! from now on I’m demoting you from Dr. Costy to just plain Costy!” I don’t remember if Dr. Costy ever let Bill back into the class.