Carolyn Morrison ’71

Carolyn Morrison, Class of 1971

I worked in the Girl’s Principal Office with Dorothy Bergeron, who was the Secretary. I loved Mrs. Bergeron. She was so very nice. She taught me so much about Clerical Office work, and I loved typing!! Over the years, as an adult, I would periodically run into Mrs. Bergeron in nearby Alameda. What a joy that was. I would always give her a hug and let her know how I appreciated her special guidance which paid off for me in the long run. I was Manager in a Word Processing Department 20 years.

Carolyn Morrison and Lee Wilks at Junior Prom in 1970

My favorite teacher was English teacher, Mrs. Galindo. I was very fond of Mrs. Galindo, such a sweet lady. I also loved my biology teacher, Mr. Smith. Wow, he could be mean, but nice at the same time. I always stood in the doorway of my biology class talking to my friend Donna Hunter (he also knew Hunter from junior high school). I could never get to my seat before the bell rang, BUT I was right there in the doorway. Well Mr. Smith promised me that he would lower my grade if I wasn’t in my seat when the bell rang. My grade was “A” over . . . . . guess the letter . . . it’s after “E” and before “G.” Ha ha ha ha!!! Yes he did!!

I married my childhood sweetheart Lee Wilks 2 years later (Lee also attended and graduated from Tech). We had a beautiful daughter Ena Marie and she blessed us with 3 beautiful grandchildren; Kevin, Enasha and Little Kyra. Lee passed away in ’85. Since I graduated in ’71, we’ve had roughly 50 people who have died. My 14-year-old granddaughter Enasha is a Sophomore at Tech!!!

I love my school. I still live in Oakland and periodically I pass by the beautiful structure. I get emotional thinking of all the wonderful, fun moments I had with all my friends (best friends Phyllis Mobley and Donna Hunter) at Oakland Technical High.