Evelio Grillo ’70

Evelio Grillo, Class of 1974

Evelio M. Grillo, Class of 1970, is a judge for the Superior Court of Alameda County in California. He was appointed by former governor Gray Davis in November 2003 to succeed D. Ronald Hyde. Grillo won re-election in 2012, after running unopposed, and his current term will expire in 2019. Grillo received a J.D. from Harvard University.

Prior to becoming a judge for the Superior Court of Alameda County, Grillo was a partner at the firm of Grillo and Stevens. Grillo ran for re-election to the superior court in 2012. As an unopposed incumbent, his name did not appear on the ballot. After the primary election, Grillo was automatically re-elected.

Evelio was inducted into the charter class of Oakland Tech’s Hall of Honor in 2015.