Marquese Brown ’89

Marquese Brown, Class of 1989

Tech (and Oakland in general) taught me toughness. Not the kind of toughness that leads to fights and violence, but an internal toughness. Resilience. An understanding that no matter what kinds of obstacles or setbacks I’m facing, I can always rise above them to achieve whatever goals I’ve set.

Oakland in the 80s wasn’t a place filled with hope. I lost a few friends in those years to death, prison, and all of the other pitfalls that can derail a young person’s dreams very early. I wasn’t much different than those kids, but I was fortunate to have a network of people in my life who saw potential in me and set expectations– academically and athletically– that I would have to meet. Many of those people were my teachers and coaches at Tech.

I was blessed to always have great English teachers who helped nurture my love of writing. That led me to choose a college major (journalism) which would emphasize and improve my writing skills. It ultimately led me to a career in journalism that continues today. I’ve been a news producer for three different television stations over eighteen years. I’ve interviewed celebrities, politicians, and even went to the White House for an interview with President Obama in 2012. It’s been a successful twenty-five years since my days at Tech, but it was my high school days that prepared me for those successes.