Janelle Dixon ’91

Janelle Dixon, Class of 1991

The teachers, counselors, and sports coaches at Oakland Tech all had a significant impact on my success. I was a student from 10th through 12th grades.

I entered Oakland Tech after struggling with my father having abandoned my siblings, my mother, and me. We were homeless for quite some time and when I entered, my sole purpose was trying to keep my head above water. I struggled with making the grades, but I tried my best. The administration – people like Mr. Ellis Ore (my counselor), Elizabeth Lay, (English), and Mr. Herman Lee (basketball coach) all saw something in me and encouraged me not to quit. My participation on the basketball team (for all three years) not only kept me off the streets, but it helped build up my confidence.

I learned about teamwork and good sportsmanship. In my senior year, I was Senior Class Vice President and Homecoming Queen. In my senior year, with the Oakland Tech’s administration’s support, I received enough scholarships to fund the first two years of college! I graduated college, went on to receive my graduate degree, and have forever been grateful for the support I received from Oakland Tech.