James Harris, ’91

James Harris, Class of 1991

Homecoming was a real event for us. Each year every class would design a unique shirt for their class and would wear it to the rally. The stands would be divided into classes and it would be clear separations from class to class. The Homecoming Kings and Queens would be driven around the track in convertible cars like a parade with formal introductions. It was a true celebration. We would have the powder puff games as well. After the football game there was always a dance that was held in the cafeteria, all clean fun!

Upper class men tried gave you a hard time but it was not to ridicule you; it was to prep you for what your responsibility was going to be when you became an upper class man. They really taught you lessons, about teachers, politics, sports etc. I take that back. Sometimes they did embarrass you a little but it was honest fun.

Four teachers still teach at Tech that were there when my wife (Vonncile, ’92) attended, and our kids have had their classes at one point. Very interesting! They are: Mrs. Keeran, Mrs. Joe, Mrs. Snyder, and Mr. De Leeuw. My wife and I met in Ms. Snyder’s Spanish class. I remember I got in trouble for passing Vonncile a note.

Our kids graduated from Tech in 2008, 2009, and 2011 and the last one will graduate in 2016.

As a baseball coach, it means a lot to me to give back to the school because I truly enjoyed my time at Tech, every year. My coaches invested in me, pushing to get the most from me and talking about life.