Sharee Pearson Standifer ’89

Sharee Pearson Standifer Class of 1989
Sharee Pearson Standifer
Class of 1989
Fondest memories: Cutting 5th period senior year with a host of friends to play Pictionary. If we were not in the student store then we were hanging out in the back of the library with Ms. Collins, that is until we got busted by our Geography teacher. Lost its humor when I failed Geography and became ineligible to cheer for a semester. Getting delayed returning from Grad Nite as several friends got locked up in “Mickey Mouse jail” at Disneyland for stealing. Performing as part of the cheerleader/song girl squad senior year at Henry J Kaiser center for the Jamboree and blowing Mack out of the water. Although we got deemed ineligible because we had ineligible members of the squad, the triumph in the performance was well worth it. I was honored to have been a member of the Drill Team under Ms. Collins.