Jack Delinger ’46

Jack Delinger Class of 1946
Jack Delinger
Class of 1946

Jack Delinger, Class of 1946, was an American professional bodybuilder who won the 1949 AAU Mr. America and the 1956 Mr. Universe bodybuilding competitions.

At only 16 Delinger began training at the local YMCA. He looked toward John Grimek for his inspiration throughout his training. At Oakland Tech, he was a member of the gymnastics team. Soon after, he joined Ed Yarick’s gym. Yarick was a man whom Delinger looked up to and was a role model to aspiring bodybuilders.

He drew inspiration from famous olympic athletes who lifted weights and competed in gymnastics. Early in his training, Delinger promised himself that he would continue to strive towards the level of greatness he saw in his idols.

Standing at only 5 feet and 6 inches tall Deligner proved that height wasn’t a factor in becoming a legend. His first major victory came in 1946 when he claimed the title of Mr. Northern California. Three years later he ended up claiming the title of Mr. America with his shredded muscular physique, notoriously blonde hair, and dashingly handsome appearance.

His final victory came in 1956 when he won Mr. Universe at the age of 30, after which he settled down with his wife and open up a gym back in Oakland.