Alexander Sing ’06

Alexander Sing Class of 2006
Alexander Sing
Class of 2006
I was a full inclusion student. Besides being in a general education classroom, I was also in a special education class first and sixth periods. A memory that stands out for me was graduation day. My schoolmates did a standing ovation for me when I walked up and received my diploma.

I did not like the inaccessibility at Tech. I cannot walk far, so I had to use my wheelchair to get from class to class. When it was raining, most of the time the elevators were not working due to electrical problems and water. There was no ramp to get from the shop building to the first floor. So, I had to miss class. I did not mind missing class for good reason, but I wish I had been in class participating instead of working on the assignment somewhere else.

Tech helped me realize what I wanted to do after I graduated in terms of a job. I was the videographer for the music department. I shot their assemblies and night concerts. I then edited it and transferred the footage to a VHS or DVD. Now I am earning a Master’s in Multimedia Communications.