Candice Lawscha-Cummings ’00

Candice Lawscha-Cummings Class of 2000
Candice Lawscha-Cummings
Class of 2000

My friends (family) still spend many moments reminiscing over the many wonderful memories that we have from Tech: the teachers we love and the ones we don’t, the many activities we participated in, the academies many of us were in, the games we won or lost (lol), the Homecoming pep rallies, for which our class won all four years in the dance-off competition, the mornings spent before class in our usual spots, either the back stairs outside or the side stairs on the 42nd St. side, and all of spirit week activities that gave way for many memorable moments and laughs.

The historical scavenger hunt in San Francisco for Mr. Wing’s history class was probably one of my favorite field trips. North Beach will always hold a special place in my heart because of that day. I also have to give a tremendously huge thank you and shout out to my senior English teacher, Ms. Troise. She was young, 29, and had a command and a control over her class that was not always the norm for teaching in this very urban school in Oakland. I still love Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein because of Ms. Troise.