Ed Williams & Bill McClean ’47

Ed Williams and Bill McClean Class of 1947
Ed Williams and Bill McClean
Class of 1947
A Lifelong Friendship: A Story about Two Tech Hi Graduates By Jeanette Brock McClean:

This is a story about two boys and a friendship beginning at Woodrow Wilson Junior High and developing at Oakland Technical High School. They attended classes, were socially involved, and were active in student government. Both were on the varsity Bulldog football team under Coach Gil Callies. They graduated in June, 1947 and continued on to college. Both served in the military during the Korean War. Each took a different avenue in careers. Ed Williams became a math teacher and coached football and golf. Bill McClean entered banking and rose to Executive Vice President of a national bank. Ed and Bill each married graduates from Tech High, three years their junior. Ed married Sally Pezzola and Bill married Jeanette Brock, both graduates of the June, 1950 class. The two families raised their children and after retirement, the couples took many trips together. Ed and Bill remained fast friends, like brothers, throughout life. A simple story, much like many, but this one is being told because it encompasses four Tech High graduates, mid-20th century, who lived successful, happy, and fulfilling lives.