Lindsay Chan ’14

Lindsay Chan Class of 2014
Lindsay Chan
Class of 2014
Throughout my two years as a participant in Oakland Tech’s Cross Country Team, I made many new friendships, increased my endurance and athletic abilities, and learned how to be part of a team. During my first year on the team in the fall of 2012, our team’s hard work and daily practices allowed both the girls’ and boys’ teams to win our league championship, which was the first time that both teams won in the same season in Oakland Tech history. Winning the championship qualified us to move on to the state championship as an entire team, which really helped us to bond and work together to meet our goals. Although both teams did not qualify for state the following season (though the boys’ team won), our team performed very well and I was still able to make the most out of my last season on the team. Overall, I really learned how to be a team player and gained valuable skills that I will carry with me in the future.