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Mr. Raymond Raineri, January 16, 2009
January 16, 2009

Oakland Tech Historical Photo Gallery



Mr. Raymond Raineri from Oakland Tech’s June graduating class of 1957 gave a casual presentation to the Italian-1 classes on January 16th, 2009. He shared historical points of interest about Tech and its neighborhood: the settlers and the work of Italian immigrants along with his personal Italian-American experience. Mr. Raineri graduated from San Francisco State with a BA in Sociology, worked for 30 years for the Alameda Co. probation department and has been retired for 20 years. He gives walking tours of the Temescal neighborhood in Oakland organized by the Oakland Heritage Alliance. He is an active member of many organizations; among those are the Oakland Historical Alliance, The Sons of Italy, and the Colombo Club. He hoped that his presentation gave students an insight to Oakland and to build student pride. He is very proud to know that the language and culture of his heritage is being taught at Tech. Several donations of his historical documents and reproductions have been made to the Oakland Tech PTSA Auction.

Oakland Technical High School, 1919
Oakland Technical High School, 1919

Description: Oakland Technical High School, west side of Broadway, between 42nd and 45th streets (looking west), Temescal district, Oakland, Calif. Tower of the Matilda Brown Home for Aged Women can be seen in background on left. “Note the absence of buildings on east side of Broadway and along the winding route of Mather Street [in foreground]” (Ray Raineri note). Note: the original photo appears to have been altered: the telephone poles and connecting wires along Mather Street were partially obscured, probably by manipulating the emulsion (Jeff Norman).

Date: 1919
Author: Ford E. Samuel. 470 13th St., Oakland, Calif. Phone Oakland 3567 (from back of photo)
Source: Collection of Ray Raineri.
Copied: by Jeff Norman, 9/17/08
Altered: Removed some dust, marks, and scratches

Streetcar No. 59

Description: Streetcar No. 59. “Among the earliest electrified streetcars to see service on Telegraph Avenue was car number 59, shown at rest on the turntable before starting its run that would take it up Telegraph Avenue to Lorin (south Berkeley). This streetcar may be classified a ‘California Car,’ as both ends are open, and the center section enclosed for inclement weather and comfort of women and children.” (Ray Raineri)
Date: circa 1895.
Author: unknown
Source: Courtesy of Ray Raineri. Collection of Ted Wurm.
Copied: by Jeff Norman, 9/5/08

Subject: Telegraph Avenue and 50th Street (looking north), Temescal district, Oakland, Calif. Genova Delicatessen, Key System Western Car Barn, and roof of Temescal Branch Library on left. Roma Cafe and Tower Theater on right.
Date: 1946
Author: unknown
Source: Courtesy of Ray Raineri. Collection of John Harder
Copied: September 5, 2008 by Jeff Norman
Altered: removed some spots

Athletic competition at ‘Technical’, 1932